Advocating for Out-of-School Programming

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The Florida After School Alliance (FASA) is a voice for quality for school programs and the professionals who lead them. FASA strives to promote national standards and accreditation for after school programs. FASA also works with statewide policy advisory groups that affect licensing, funding, professional development and higher education, and workforce development. FASA’s advocacy efforts help to educate the public and elected officials about the benefits of quality programs for children and youth during out-of-school time and the vital contribution after school professionals make to Florida’s families.

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FASA Learning Academy

The FASA Learning Academy Collaborative Learning Environment® provides an interactive peer-to-peer learning environment to allow you to communicate, spread ideas, share resources, discuss topics and learn in a safe environment. The Academy allows you to access interactive training, interact with like-minded professionals as you learn together in team-based project, and create your own private networks to give staff access to unique training opportunities. Registration is FREE and with many FREE trainings available. The link below will open a new window.

FASA Learning Academy

The FASA Mission

The mission of FASA is to provide leadership, to support professionals and to promote quality programs for children and youth during out-of-school hours. To accomplish its mission, FASA provides training, advocacy, and networking opportunities for after school professionals throughout Florida.

Many children in Florida spend as much time in year round after school programs as they do in school. Time spent in these programs offers children opportunities for growth, development, academic support, enrichment, recreation and socialization.

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